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Welcome to Matsu Water

Our Mission

Matsu Water will provide its customers with honest and accurate consultation as well as effective solutions to water treatment needs, using only the highest quality equipment, supplies, and services.

Matsu Water will accomplish 100% customer satisfaction through comprehensive water analysis, by listening to and understanding our customers needs, by referring to our nation-wide support network of water professionals, and through continuing education and training.


Matsu Water will strive to maintain an understanding of the latest and most state-of-the-art technologies available and will convey those technologies with the highest degree of professionalism.


Water Storage


We offer reverse-osmosis ice! Most competitors offer an 8 lb. bag of filtered ice, we sell 10 lb. bags of highly purified R/O ice. We sell more for less!!!

Available in our store, is a self serve water bar, with 14 faucets, flowing with reverse-osmosis water, for your filling and drinking pleasure.

It is priced by the gallon, OR you can join our secret water club, and enjoy fantastic discounts!

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