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We offer a non comprehensive water test to determine what kind of treatment or filtration might be needed.  Simply bring in a couple of ounces of your water in a clean container. Please avoid vinegar or juice containers. Empty water bottles, or ziploc bags are acceptable as well. We also carry at home test kits for your convenience. For full comprehensive, or health guard testing, please contact Alaska Water Laboratories. We will gladly help you interpret any results, and help you find a solution to your water needs.

Bottle Delivery
Salt / Filter

We deliver purified five gallon water bottles to homes and businesses throughout the greater Mat-Su area. 

Hot/cold, and room temp/cold coolers are available for purchase, or rent. Included in your rental is an annual sanitation and preventative maintenance. Additional sanitation can be scheduled for a small fee. 

Bulk Water Delivery

We offer bulk water delivery services for homes and businesses. These services include hot tubs, pools, water storage tanks, or if you want to flood your driveway for an icerink!

The water we deliver is highly purified and is subject to ADEC strictest regulations. 

We can carry up to 1300 gallons of purified water. Due to the capacity restriction, please schedule in advance. 


Matsu Waters technicians are trained to diagnose an array of water treatment and equipment failure issues.

We offer a cost effective assessment and analysis to best meet your water treatment needs.


If you have questions or need to schedule service for existing equipment, please contact us!

Well shock

A well shock is a hyper-chlorination of your well and interior plumbing. This is designed to kill bacteria, eliminates odors, prolongs pump life, and reduces iron bacteria buildup. 

Well shocking is performed on an annual basis to ensure protection against harmful bacteria, and protect one of our most precious resources, our family. 

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